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TPM houses three laboratories, all organized and managed in partnership with the University of Modena and Reggio Emila:


Well-advanced instrumental equipment is made available in the three laboratories.

Il Tecnopolo è inoltre la porta di accesso a tutte le competenze espresse dalla Rete Alta Tecnologia della Regione Emilia-Romagna, opera in connessione con la Sanità provinciale e regionale, ed è nodo di collegamento con network nazionali ed internazionali. Rappresenta quindi un sistema unico in Emilia-Romagna, tra i pochi in Italia, organizzato su un modello integrato fatto di ricerca, formazione, incubazione e servizi avanzati.

TPM also gives access to all the professional expertises expressed by High Technology Network of Emilia- Romagna Region. Furthermore, it cooperates with regional and national Healthcare,  and works as connection hub between national and international networks. It therefore represents not only a unique system within Emilia-Romagna Region, but also one of the few models in Italy that are organised through the integration between research, training, incubation and advanced services.

TPM realization was suppoted by funds from Emilia-Romagna Region, Democenter Foundation, and Mirandola Savings Bank Foundation.


Expertise, technology, ideas, start up projects and networks: these are the main features of a district which has always provided innovation and research as its strength points. The Science and Technology Park is meant to be a place where both business and technological expertises work and grow together, aiming at the same time to be a model for the constant increase and acceleration of new opportunities.

TPM, being a key part within the framework of the Science and Technology Park, completes the Biomediacal Campus located in Mirandola, which includes technical as well as scientific institutes, ITS Foundation for biomedical industry (which provides education for post-graduate students), laboratories to support schools and ITS, and the business incubator center; together with a library and a gym, and a back up center to welcome new researchers to favor international exchanges. Moreover, a brand new Master’s program focusing on biomedical field was recently opened by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Managed by Democenter Foundation, TPM aims to be a place where to reason over research and innovation, and become a vehicle for local business development, here in a district  constantly committed to competitive growth, to increase its appeal towards young talents, as well as to enhance the scientific proficiency.