Giuliana Gavioli

Posizioni Istituzionali

2010 – ad oggi

  • Member of counsel Confindustria Emilia
  • Members of EUROM VI Medical Technology for B. Braun Avitum Ag
    The European Federation EUROM represents MD manufacturers in the European Countries
  • President of after-graduating school ITS Tecnologie della Vita (biomedical field)
  • AD and President of Steering Commette Tecnopolo Mario Veronesi Mirandola

Esperienza professionale

Dal 1994 – oggi

  • Quality Management Representative of B.Braun Avitum Italy S.p.A. , Mirandola (MO). Italy
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs of the Division B.Braun Avitum AG, Group B.Braun Melsungen AG, Melsungen. Germany
  • Director Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs at B.Braun Milano, Milan (MI). Italy


  • Diatekno S.p.A.
    Position: Technical Director


  • Miramed S.p.A. Baxter Group
    Position: Quality Control and Chemical – biological Laboratory Responsible


  • Institute of Physiology, University of Modena
  • Contract professor at Post-graduation school of Nutrition Science Scholar of Fidia S.p.A., Institute of Physiology, Medicin Faculty, research group direct from Prof. Agnati. Activity of research with the scope of the central nervous system with particular reference to the influence of a diet rich in vitamins on the central nervous system.


  • Public High-School Teacher of Chemistry and Biology


  • Private High-School Teacher of Chemistry and Biology Attendance to the Dysmetabolic Deseases Centre in S.Orsola Hospital (Bologna) directed by Prof. Descovich


  • 1973 Classical Studies High School of Mirandola, High School Certificate
  • 1980 University of Modena, Degree in Biological Sciences
  • 1981 University of Modena, Post-graduation Course of Chemistry
  • 1982 University of Modena, Post-graduation Course of Sciences
  • 1986 University of Modena, Nutrition Sciences PhD