In collaboration with DEMOCENTER Foundation we organize company dedicated training courses, covering general interest  topics or the ones specifically dedicated to the Biomedical companies such as “PLASTIC MATERIALS IN THE PRODUCTION OF BIOMEDICAL DEVICES” (2nd edition).

The entire education path reflects the design approach of the courses and the training in the classroom  matches the presence of experts from the companies side by side with professors from University of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Bologna, all recognized as experts at international level.



We organize Training Courses with contents specifically developed for the needs of biomedical companies of the territory .
They are designed in collaboration with Democenter Foundation and with the contribution of recognized experts belonging from to the Modena/Mirandola Biomedical District.


We host conferences and events aimed to increase knowledge and education in topica especially dedicated to biomedical field, such as laboratory techniques, advanced methods of analysis, medical devices regulation, etc…


The Foundation Istituto Tecnico Superiore Nuove Tecnologie della Vita, which runs a two-year post high school doploma course (ITS_biomedicale) for “Technician for the production of biomedical devices and devices”, addresses to the TPM for education and training needs thanks to our researchers skills .

In particular, over the last few years, ITS_biomedicale students have had the opportunity to attend TPM laboratories for hands on experiences and benefited from the professional skills of our researchers in Product Project Development, attending training modules related to biology, biochemistry, chemistry ,  electronics and mechanics applied to medical devices.