Measurements, Sensors and Systems

The MS2 Laboratory was created to support companies in all “technological” industrial problems. The laboratory collects in-house multiple skills ranging from ICT, mechanics, electronics, chemistry to physics.

Thanks to a team collaboration with the TOP, MAB and PoS laboratories, MS2 is not only able to validate the developed systems, but also to include specific skills regarding problem solving in issues such as biocompatibility, leachables and extractables regarding both EC and FDA certification; these aspects that are crucial especially in biomedical device production area.

The skills


The Ms2 lab provides expertise ranging from morphological and structural analysis to the chemical functionalization of surfaces and it  is able to support the companies from the design phase of a new product up to to its production and validation.


The laboratory has a decade of experience in the development of measurement methods and systems. This competence translates into consultancies that can range from simple technological scouting aimed to identify commercial systems suitable to solve the specific measurement requirement, offering the study, design and development of fully functional demonstrators that the customer can use for field tests and / or for demonstration purposes. The laboratory also has extensive experience in the technological transfer of skills supporting the customer until the production of the developed object.


The laboratory supports the development phase of new products and upgrades of existing products through evaluation, mechanical design, verification and prototyping. The MS2 lab boasts a consolidated experience both in the design and in the mechanical and thermo-fluid-dynamic simulations of finished elements. In addition, it has a light-curing 3D printer.

Application sectors

Home Automation

Scientific Manager

Prof. Ing. Luigi Rovati

Laboratory Manager

Ing. Alberto Ferrari

Staff and skills

Ing Alberto Ferrari, Laurea in Ingegneria Biomedica
Ing Antonella Sebastiano, Laurea in ingegneria dei materiali


The laboratory is equipped with multiple instruments ranging from UV-VIS and IR spectrum analyzers, to electronic bench instruments, a bonding machine, instrumentation for measurements of optical sizes, a thermal imaging camera, a structured light 3D scanner, a 3D printer and a bioplotter.

The bioplotter is an instrument consisting of a machine with numerical control with three axes (construction volume 150x150x140 mm and nominal accuracy in the positioning of 0.001 mm) and of 5 extrusion heads thermostatic from 0 ° C to 250 ° C, all placed at the interior of an organic hood. The instrument was created for the production of scaffolds, but thanks to its extreme flexibility, it has already been successfully used by the laboratory. MS2 not only for the printing of scaffolds in the biomedical and dental field, but also in apparently very different applications such as, for example, the production of silicone acoustic insulators and the evaluation of chocolate tempering in the industrial food production sector.