Chemical / physical analysis

The chemical laboratory combine the scientific research need  in new materials field with the study of new applications for “traditional” materials.

The skills

Thanks to the skills of its researchers , POS lab is able to support the TOP, MAB and MS2 laboratories in many aspects of their activities.

In POS lab we are able to study a material in its chemical, physical and morphological aspects, thus supporting companies from the design phase up to production and validation.

Thanks to the collaboration with CENTRO GRANDI STRUMENTI (CIGS) and the Physics and Engineering departments of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the laboratory offers expertise for morphological studies using electron microscopy (SEM), surface analysis and chemical characterization of polymeric materials.

Application sectors


Scientific Manager

Prof. Aldo Tomasi MD

Laboratory Manager

Dott. Aurora Cuoghi PhD

Staff and skills

Dott. Aurora Cuoghi: Laurea in biotecnologie Industriali, Dottorato in Medicina clinica e sperimentale, in sostanze naturali biologicamente attive
Dott. Gaëlle Arnaud:
Laurea in Chimica e dottorato in Fisica
Dott. Luca Accorsi: Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Chimiche


The laboratory is equipped with useful equipments for polymer synthesis and instrumentation for chemical characterization such as an UV-VIS and IR spectrometer.

In addition to the most classic instruments, there are also innovative instrumental techniques such as electrospray.

Specifically, electrospray is a technique that allows to produce nano- and micro-polymer structures (range 100-10’000 nm) with a high repeatability. Moreover, thanks to the co-axial configuration, it is possible to generate “multi-layered” particles and fibers in which the size and composition of the central core, as well as its shell, can be varied.

The applications are ranging from drug delivery, through surface coatings, up to  “nano-sensors” generating.