Research and Innovation

Technopole Mario Veronesi (TPM) is a research laboratory founded immediately aftermath the May 2012 earthquake by Emilia Romagna region in collaboration with Democenter Foundation and Cassa di Risparmio di Mirandola foundation and supported by  Comune di Mirandola , Unimore and biomedical district companies.
Thanks to specific skills of an excellent researchers team and the use of latest and most advanced equipment and technologies, it is a place where companies and scientific expertise meet together, to create, solve and accelerate production opportunities specifically tailored to the needs of the customer.
We are particularly interested in the biomedical sector, but we also offer consultancy for the cosmetic and agri-food sectors.

R& D and Innovation, Expertises and competencies, technologies and networking for medical devices and biotech industries.

TPM provides a privileged access to all skills expressed by the Emilia-Romagna Region’s High-Technology Network, which works in connection with the province and region health services, and it is a linking key point with national and international networks.

Therefore, it represents a unique system in Emilia-Romagna, one of the few in Italy, organized on an integrated model made up of training, research, incubation and advanced services.

The unique and peculiar feature of TPM is to guarantee high level services for the applied research, industrial development and products validation, hosting training and education for technicians and researchers, consultation and assistance for participation in calls for research funding projects for large, medium and small companies in biomedical, cosmetic and agri-food sectors.

Tailor made design, analysis and tests

Thanks to the great skills of its researcher’s team and the use of the most advanced equipment, TPM performs Feasibility Studies and realizes medical devices prototypes (from disposable components to complex electromechanical systems).

We are particularly effective in problem solving of highly complex issues related to products or materials, through biological and biocompatibility tests, performance analysis, specific and tailor-made tests of the applicant, by adopting protocols that protect the confidentiality and the intellectual property of the projects or researches involved.

In collaboration with University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, TPM offers four main research laboratories, and a specific consulting department for the identification of appropriate financial instruments in order to finalize research and development projects.

TPM Cube

The Division “Creazione di Impresa” of the Democenter-Sipe Foundation works to promote business ideas, the birth and development of innovative start-ups and research spin-off, thanks to the consolidated partnerships with institutions and companies of the area. The internationalization of startups and technologies is another activity carried out through partnerships with research centers, incubators, acceleration programs and co-working spaces in particularly interesting markets.

TPM Cube, based in Mirandola (MO) in the heart of the Biomedical District, is dedicated place for ideas incubation , enterprise laboratories and start-ups belonging to the biomed, biotech and nanotech sectors. Services provided include: access to office spaces, laboratories (private or common), specific advices (research, regulation, market access,  etc), networking and fund raising.

Science & Technology park for Medicine

Our technological park is composed by the Post-graduation Biomedical Technical Institute (Istituto Tecnico Superiore Nuove Tecnologie della Vita), the Technopole “Mario Veronesi” and TPM CUBE (start-up incubator).


The Democenter-Sipe Foundation brings together institutions, trade associations, banking foundations and more than 60 companies in the territory.

It is located in the campus of the ‘Enzo Ferrari’ Engineering Faculty of Modena, the best place to take advantage, through our services, of reasearch results developed within the University, on behalf of companies.

It brings its skills to the place where the companies are located, thanks to the Modena Technopole, the Modena and Spilamberto (Knowbell) incubators, the Technopole Mario Veronesi (TPM) and the Mirandola TPM CUBE incubator, with active branches in Carpi, Maranello and Sassuolo.

The Democenter-Sipe Foundation is part of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Regional Network and thus it has access to major international research centers finding the best answers to companies’ needs .